Aloha e! My name is Vanalouise Naehu, a transformed hobbyist now proudly running my own business. In the midst of my toughest days, I turned to crafting unique jewelry as a way to navigate through challenges. It is the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ that has brought me to where I am today. Our motto, "Saved, Freed, Blessed," serves as a guiding light, helping me transition from tough times to better days. It was the Lord's guidance that led me to transform my passion into a business endeavor. I've been living a sober life since 2020, and I am a devoted single mother to three wonderful boys.


The name "Convyk" reflects the conviction the Lord placed on my heart, steering me away from an inappropriate lifestyle and towards Him. Through His saving grace, freedom, and blessings, I have been inspired to share my testimony and bless others through my journey. My mission is to spread hope and inspiration, showcasing the transformative power of faith and the goodness of God in every piece of jewelry I create.

Our Mission & Values